Suzuki continues setting sales records in South Africa

South Africans have a deep-seated love for Suzuki, and this affection continues to propel the brand’s sales. Suzuki Auto South Africa reported a remarkable achievement in October 2023, with dealers selling a total of 4 480 vehicles to private buyers.

According to the latest data from the business council for the automotive industry, the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (Naamsa), this surge in retail sales stands in sharp contrast to the general industry trend. In October, dealers accounted for 80.2% of the total industry sales of 45 445 vehicles, with 36 468 units sold.

Suzuki demonstrated its prowess by selling 3 857 new cars, SUVs and commercial vehicles to customers during the same period, amounting to a staggering 86% of the total 4 480 vehicles sold in South Africa. Remarkably, this marks the third consecutive month of Suzuki’s impressive retail results, despite a slowdown in the overall vehicle market.

In a month when the total market experienced a 2% decline and passenger vehicle sales dropped by 3.4% compared to the same month in 2022, Suzuki’s sales defied the trend, surging by 9%. Dealers played a pivotal role in achieving this feat, setting a new record with growth exceeding 26%.

Naamsa’s report highlights that Suzuki dealers secured the second-highest number of passenger vehicle sales among all brands in South Africa, and they ranked third in terms of total vehicle sales. This accomplishment underscores the fact that Suzuki’s cars, SUVs and commercial vehicles enjoy widespread love and loyalty among South African consumers.

Henno Havenga, the general manager of auto sales and marketing at Suzuki Auto South Africa, emphasised the significance of maintaining strong dealer sales. “It means that we are keeping our customers happy and that they are referring friends to Suzuki and returning for their next vehicle purchase,” he explained. “On the whole, it means that people love Suzuki cars, SUVs and commercial vehicles.”

Some of the Jimny vehicles at this weekend’s Suzuki Jimny Gathering in Clarens. Suzuki set a new Guinness World Record.

Suzuki Mobility Finance and the product planning team at Suzuki Auto South Africa have been hard at work, providing customers with affordable and reliable alternatives to their current vehicles. In a recent industry report, Naamsa attributed the declining new vehicle market to the broader economic lull and consumers’ financial constraints. In this challenging environment, Suzuki stands out by offering cost-effective yet exciting and desirable vehicles that are also affordable to service and repair.

The standout performer in Suzuki’s October sales figures was the Suzuki Swift, with an impressive 1 248 units sold.

As Suzuki looks ahead to the remainder of the fourth quarter, it has exciting plans in store. The brand will introduce another model – the Suzuki Jimny in five-door form – while continuing to expand its dealer network.

Source: MotorPress

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2023-11-11 09:57:02

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