Shiba Inu Now One of the Most Used Payment Methods on CoinGate

The sensational crypto token Shiba Inu has attained a significant milestone in the crypto payment landscape.

In a recent tweet, leading payment processor CoinGate proudly declared that Shiba Inu (SHIB) has become one of its platform’s most widely used payment methods.

CoinGate highlighted Shiba Inu’s achievement while marking the second anniversary of welcoming SHIB into its payment family.

Specifically, the payment processor disclosed that Shiba Inu has ascended to the fifteen spot among the platform’s preferred payment options. 

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According to the notification, the achievement signifies a significant stride for Shiba Inu, as it empowers merchants globally to accept SHIB transactions.

Notably, CoinGate acknowledged the unwavering dedication of the enthusiastic Shiba Inu community—the SHIB Army. The firm recognized them as one of the most committed communities in the crypto space. 

With this announcement, CoinGate expressed enthusiasm for the continued growth and success of Shiba Inu. Also, the firm hinted at a more promising future for CoinGate and the SHIB community collaboration. 

“ShibArmy is stronger than ever, being one of the most dedicated crypto communities. To the more years to come,” the statement read.

Other Platforms Supporting Shiba Inu Payments

Meanwhile, CoinGate is not the sole payment processor championing Shiba Inu and enabling merchants to accept this digital asset as payment

The Crypto Basic has reported that FCF, a well-established Canadian crypto payment platform, supports Shiba Inu payment in exchange for various services in the United States. It includes facilitating Shiba Inu payments for broadband payments, flight tickets, bills, mortgages, and other offerings.

Also, FCF supports other Shiba Inu ecosystem tokens: Bone (BONE) and DOGE Killer (LEASH).

Similarly, Shiba Inu is tenable as payment on LaborX, a platform renowned for connecting clients and freelancers for crypto-based jobs. LaborX has also announced the integration of BONE as a payment method on its platform.

Ultimately, these moves underline a broader trend of increasing acceptance and integration of Shiba Inu tokens within the crypto payment landscape.

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