Students learn about the stock market through simulated investing – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Far from Manhattan’s financial district, all eyes are glued to the markets. It could be called the Wall Street of Westlake Academy.

Jennifer Stockton’s Economics Finance course is immensely popular.

“They truly are given $100,000 to invest in a stock portfolio and are investing and it’s based solely off the market,” said Stockton, a financial expert turned teacher.

Students are learning about the stock market. The money they have invested changes in value, thanks to a computer system.

Just like at the big brokerage firms, it can shake up a room. The students all erupt in cheers or groans as their investments change in the market.

“Right now, our stocks aren’t doing so well. They like kind of just decreased, like a lot. Okay, I mean, otherwise our jobs going good,” said Divya Patel, a student in the class. “It’s definitely stressful, but it’s fine. Just like choosing what you think can air predicting what you think’s going to happen.”

And while some of it seems basic and game show-like, the lessons are taking root.

Charles Cooper doesn’t have his driver’s license, but he has investing down.

“There’s the S&P 500. Unfortunately, there’s no Dow Jones, although currently, I think that would be pretty good right now, considering the current market,” said Cooper.

From learning how to do their taxes by hand, to planning for retirement they cover it all here.

“It’s something that they can deal with. Now, as they become young adults, they’re driving, they’re paying for gas, they’re saving money for cars, they’re looking to their college future,” added Stockton.

A simulation to truly prepare these young adults for the twists and turns of life, and how your money gets caught in the middle.

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