East Lake house once on market for $569,000 gets a big price cut

A house in Birmingham’s East Lake neighborhood that raised eyebrows for its asking price saw its asking price cut by $180,000 on Saturday, according to real estate websites.

The home in question is a new 2,100-square-foot home, with three bedrooms and two baths, which until this weekend had a price of $569,000.

The house is now on the market for $389,000, according to Zillow and other real estate websites.

The change in price came a day after AL.com reported on concerns from at least one East Lake resident.

“It means, ‘We’re going to come in with our money and push you out,’” Tamara Curtis, a homeowner and East Lake property owner said. “Where does that leave the people who do keep up their property?”

Curtis said a more understandable price, in keeping with the neighborhood and the surrounding homes, would have been something like $180,000. Even that, she said, was “still pushing it” when considering the income of neighboring homeowners.

“I’m not trying to stop anybody from investing in property,” she said. “But in this area, in this climate? Even people in that neighborhood, they cannot afford it.”

Andre Halston, the owner of FlipBama, the company that built the new home, referred to a statement placed on the company website after a story appeared in AL.com about the house.

It states the home was built for the property owner, who set the price.

“To the thousands who have sent in positive messages and thank you notes over the past months, weeks and days for choosing this area (…) and trying to make a positive impact on this community, I sincerely say that those notes are much appreciated,” the statement reads. “To the immediate neighbors who have been touched by us, we trust that it has been a positive, respectful, collaborative experience.

“I know that many of our contractors shared their talents, support, equipment and building materials – free of charge to several neighbors and they only ask that you ‘Pay it Forward’ to other neighbors as they did.”

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2024-02-11 16:31:00

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