Serena Williams’ stepmom & King Richard’s divorce battle explodes with a twist in ‘crumbling home

SERENA Williams’ stepmom is making life hell for “King Richard” on the eve of his birthday – as the legal bruhaha over their crumbling home has taken another turn.

The former tennis coach will turn 82 on Valentine’s Day and it’ll be almost seven years since he filed for divorce from his much younger estranged wife Lakeisha, 45.

Richard Williams celebrates his birthday this month but is still dealing with the stress of his divorce battleCredit: Getty
The couple previously lived in the home together, where Serena and sister Venus spent a lot of their younger yearsCredit: Adam Gray/SWNS for The US Sun

She previously admitted in court documents that she’d faked the title deeds on his $1.4 million Florida home and transferred it into her name amid the split.

Lakeisha, who once worked as a stripper in Miami then proceeded to take out a $279,000 loan with hard lender David Simon, blew the lot on a failed trucking business.

Ever since, she has been fighting off the constant threat of foreclosure after falling massively behind on repayments.

Now, Lakeisha is facing mounting problems in both her divorce court case and a lawsuit with Simon after he sued her over loan repayments.

The U.S. Sun can reveal her divorce lawyer, Sara Lawrence, has filed a motion to withdraw and a motion for an attorney’s charging lien, which happens when a client doesn’t pay their legal fees and an attorney acquires an interest in the court’s judgment to reclaim the monies they’re owed.

This means if the property in Palm Beach Gardens enters foreclosure, lawyers’ costs will be taken out of the sale.

In response, Lakeisha has filed a motion for Lawrence to remain on the case.


In June, she claimed that Richard, who’s suffered two strokes, was under duress from a third party and filed a motion for the case to be dismissed – a claim she repeated in a recent filing last month.

Richard’s legal team has now filed a motion for contempt for attorney fees and sanctions, as Lakeisha has repeatedly stalled on the divorce, but he is determined to press ahead with the dissolution.

She’s also been hit in the lawsuit from Simon, who wants his cash back, which at one point stood at over $620,000 including lawyers fees and interest.

Serena Williams’ dad King Richard seen in rare new vid with son during legal battle for star’s crumbling childhood home

According to court documents, Lakeisha has barely paid a cent to Simon in five years but managed to delay foreclosure by filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy three times, the third is still being played out in court.

Over the past year, Lakeisha has largely adhered to a hefty repayment plan, but that’s come unstuck again and a notice of delinquency has been filed stating that she owes $36,409.

As the court doc states, if this isn’t paid by March 7, the case could “be dismissed without further notice or hearing.”

In August, The U.S. Sun revealed that over the previous 17 months, Lakeisha had repaid $171,486 – but it still fell short of the plan by $13,197.


Her lawyer Elias Dsouza argued that it was an honest mistake and Lakeisha wasn’t aware of the shortage, adding that “the debtor is a single mother who drives a semi truck to earn a living. Suffice to say she is not one of the more sophisticated kind of debtor, and to her detriment relies on others to inform her of the plan payments.”

Dsouza asked the US bankruptcy court that the shortfall be added to her five-year plan, which means paying $9,161 for 18 months, then $13,308 for one month, and $12,731 for the next 41 months.

Judge Mindy Mora agreed with the modification of the plan.

However, she warned Lakeisha that she would lose the home if she didn’t stay on top of the payments.

“If the Modified Plan does not provide for payments to a secured creditor, such creditor is granted in rem stay relief to pursue available state court remedies against any property of the debtor which secures the creditor’s claim,” stated Mora’s order.

It then goes on to say that payment should be made “within the 45 days” after a notice of delinquency and “the court will not extend these deadlines absent extraordinary circumstances.”

Lakeisha has often lived a glam lifestyle despite her mounting debt and divorceCredit: Instagram/@keisha.dylan.williams
Richard previously told The U.S. Sun he’s desperate for the divorce to be finalizedCredit: John Chapple for The US Sun
The home in West Palm Beach is rotting away with the land full of abandoned vehiclesCredit: SWNS

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