Brankas joins NetGlobal Solutions, Inc. to boost payment capabilities in Philippines

By Gloria Mathias


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Musoni, Microfinance, Brankas, Corporate Financing, APAC, Business Finance Solutions, Nairobi, Konsentus, Open Banking, Banking as a Services, Maya, PesoPay, AsiaPay, eCommerce Payments, NetGlobal Solutions, PHilippines, Merchant Payments, Fintech News, APAC Fintech news, QR Ph core paymentsBrankas and NetGlobal Solutions Inc. (NGSI) have signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) under which Brankas will support NetGlobal Pay in its QR Ph, pay-by-bank, and pay-by-wallet capabilities in both NetGlobal Pay’s payment and e-wallet platforms.

Brankas will integrate its Brankas Direct API and Brankas Disburse API into NetGlobal Pay, which provides a range of payment options, including credit and debit cards. Brankas Direct enables collections and retail cash-in for e-commerce, fund transfers, and recurring subscriptions.

Brankas Disburse API enables single or bulk disbursements of loans, salaries, commissions, insurance, and cash payouts. NetGlobal Pay is an integrated payment platform for cash-free online payments, cash disbursements, bill payments, and QR Ph code generation. Currently, NGSI offers both an e-wallet and a payment portal interface.

Cooperatives, aspiring digital banks, public utility companies, and retail marketplaces are among the list of corporate users expected to benefit from this new partnership.

“Brankas is no stranger to payment gateways, considering we both build fully customisable merchant payment portals for our clients and avail our APIs to existing platforms. We are especially excited about this partnership with NGSI because NetGlobal Pay offers an integrated user experience for merchants and end users. This means NetGlobal Pay customers can make payments for day-to-day expenses, do money transfers, and even make large-scale disbursements all on one platform without needing to own a credit card. We see this as a big step in making financial services accessible to all,” said Todd Schweitzer, CEO and Co-founder of Brankas.

“This partnership marks a significant step forward in our mission to provide secure, innovative, and accessible payment solutions for Filipino merchants and consumers,” said Peter G. Lingatong, CEO of NetGlobal Solutions Inc. “We aim to make NetGlobal Pay the premier payment platform in Southeast Asia, which is why we chose to partner with Brankas, having seen its track record in enabling payment providers across the region.”


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