How Ogilvy Created 3 of the Buzziest Super Bowl Ads

Having Beyoncé as the star of your Super Bowl ad doesn’t automatically make it a winner. Wait, yes it does.

Aside from having one of music and pop culture’s biggest stars as the center of the Verizon campaign, global agency Ogilvy helped win the night with two other national ads from CeraVe and Dove, along with two spots in the Canadian broadcast and two smart ads from Total by Verizon and Audi in the Spanish-language broadcast on Univision. Add in one viral social campaign around the game that referenced another pop star, and Ogilvy essentially won the game.

It’s a way that Ogilvy has stepped up as one of the most successful global agencies, winning multiple accounts over the last year and being named ADWEEK’s Global Agency of the Year in 2023.

“The Super Bowl fits into a bigger strategic conversation, which is how do you show up in culture in ways that become really authentic and meaningful for the brand? Because today, we’re not living in a world of paid; we’re really living in a world where brands need to associate themselves with culture,” Devika Bulchandani, global CEO at Ogilvy, told ADWEEK.

It takes a network

Pulling off that many ads in multiple markets and languages takes an entire network, and luckily Ogilvy has strong creative in all corners of the globe.

“It’s a benefit of having a big global network. These are the moments when you’re so grateful and lucky to have an organization of the global scale of Ogilvy with creativity in the DNA because it takes a lot of people from all different backgrounds, and capabilities,” Liz Taylor, global chief creative officer at Ogilvy, told ADWEEK.

Taylor praised everyone in the Ogilvy network, from social and PR specialists to creatives and data scientists and the team at David, Ogilvy’s boutique agency. She is also thankful for the clients for taking chances on not only a huge spend, but being willing to be boldly creative on the biggest stage.

Taylor and Bulchandani also praised Chris Beresford-Hill, president of advertising, North America at Ogilvy, who was instrumental in many of the campaigns. He recently moved to BBDO to be CCO of the Americas.

“We sent him off with lots of love, appreciation and gratitude, and we wish him well. He made us better,” said Taylor.

Beresford-Hill was proud of the work that he helped put out at Ogilvy and commended the team.

“When Ogilvy wins, we do it together. The amount of people, disciplines and offices that came together to deliver this incredible range of work is testament to that, and something I will always be proud of being part of,” Beresford-Hill told ADWEEK.

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