NYC apartment with no bathroom or kitchen lists for $1,200

A video circulating on social media is causing quite the viral stir, showcasing a miniscule New York City apartment that’s just big enough for a bit of empty space, and not much else.

Douglas Elliman agent Omer Labock took to Instagram to give his 136,000 followers an inside look at a Manhattan listing that asks a pretty shocking amount for shockingly little.

“This has to be the tiniest apartment in Manhattan,” Labock says as he guides the camera through the cramped space, which asks $1,200 per month.

In the brief footage, lasting a mere three seconds, Labock managed to capture the entirety of the apartment, estimated at a minuscule 115 square feet. In less than a week, the video has amassed more than 91,000 views.

As seen in the clip, the apartment lacks all essential amenities, notably a bathroom and kitchen. Not even a mini-fridge made the cut. It’s basically just a room with a window, the presence of which makes it legal for bedroom use.

The entire space is estimated at just 115 square feet. Instagram/@realtoromer

“No bathroom, no kitchen, all you have is this,” Labock remarked, gesturing towards an armoire, which he quipped was likely from Ikea. It’s the only item that stands in the small space.

Despite its glaring shortcomings, Labock suggested that the price compensates for the lack of space and amenities.

“This is crazy but it’s also the cheapest apartment. For $1,200 a month, you can live in what’s basically a bedroom,” Labock pointed out.

(That said, it is pretty cheap these days — at least for Manhattan. In January, the median Manhattan rent hit $4,150 per month, according to Douglas Elliman, a 1.3% increase from the $4,097 tallied last January.)

Labock then proceeds in the video down the corridor to reveal the bathroom, which was small, windowless and illuminated by overhead lighting. It has a single toilet, a sink and a shower.

This humble home appears to be a Single Residency Occupancy unit — a type of housing defined as small rooms with shared facilities located down the hall, such as bathrooms. These units have existed in New York for nearly a century and today are most commonly linked to supportive residences for people who would otherwise be homeless. Labock didn’t respond to The Post’s requests for comment on this video — and it’s also not clear where specifically this unit is located.

There is no bathroom or kitchen in the small space. Instagram/@realtoromer
The sole bathroom has one shower and one toilet for the entire hall. Instagram/@realtoromer

Despite the unit’s apparent SRO affiliation, comments poured in online expressing shock at the price tag for such a cramped and ill-equipped living space.

“$500 bucks would already be overpriced, who … would pay 1.2k for that half room,” commented one viewer.

“How is this legal?” said another.

“This should be illegal. Absolutely not. You’re sharing one bathroom with the entire floor?? Does everyone schedule their showers?!” said another.

“Kitchen? Anywhere?” said another, with another quipping, “Following your account has really opened my eyes of renting in this city. Good God….”

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2024-02-22 17:44:00

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