A Closer Look At The 2024 Paris Olympics Medals From Chaumet

LVMH and the 2024 Paris Olympics unveil this year’s gold, silver and bronze medals, as designed by Chaumet. Credit: Supplied

For athletes, performance is measured in precise details—the centimetres that separate them from their competitors, the microscopic movements that propel them into a league of their own and the seconds spent in action to achieve their goals. The same can be said for French savoir-faire, especially in the realm of high jewellery.

Since 1780, Parisian maison Chaumet has applied this exactness to their creations, from the sharp tessellating hexagons of their iconic ‘Bee My Love’ family to the clarity found in the diamonds adorning their virtuous high jewellery pieces. At the 2024 Olympics and Paralympics in Paris, these two realms of sport and style—both once regarded as an anthesis yet share similar qualities of meticulous execution—will intersect in honour of the City of Lights.

The French capital has long been revered as the epicentre of substance and style, so Chaumet’s appointment as the official medal crafter for both championships should be no surprise. The Olympic medals are heralded as the acme of achievement for any athlete, so a design enriched by the principles of deft performance was required for the gold, silver and bronze medallions.

Serving as a testament to sacrifice and determination, Chaumet’s master designers have forged a creation inspired by both an unwavering commitment to your craft, and Paris itself. This emerged in numerous ways. There are no limitations to Paris’ inspirations, but Chaumet has masterfully melted the city’s most notable touchpoints into a singular spherical shape. In the centre is a hexagon made from iron sourced from the Eiffel Tower.

The 2024 Paris Olympic medals as seen hung from the Eiffel Tower. Credit: Supplied

The five-sided structure is emblematic of Paris’ own geographical shape, in which the historic landmark is heralded as the centre of. Similar to how the major rues of Paris converge in an intersection at the Arc De Triomphe, moulded pleats asymmetrically fan out from the heart like the titular golden sunbeams the city is called after. This is emphasised in a mirrored polish gold—a vessel not only fitting for a champion but reflective of their shine.

But rather than the medal serving as pure decoration to accompany the pinnacle of accomplishment, Chaumet has rendered traditional artisan techniques to convey a sense of heritage. On July 26, Paris will commence the tournament with an opening ceremony unlike any other by taking to the Seine for the procession—a locale only a kilometre away from the Maison’s primary atelier in Place Vendôme.

The Chaumet-designed Olympic medal overlooking Place Vendôme. Credit: Supplied

Chaumet and Paris have always been intrinsically linked, and now the Maison is “bringing it home” (to quote a typical sports chant) in more ways than one. Below, discover the crafting of the medals in an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look.

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