German lawmakers pass cannabis legalization bill – POLITICO

If the Bundesrat has no objections, the first part of the bill, that would legalize cannabis possession and home cultivation, could be enacted April 1. 

The second part, which regulates cultivation in cannabis clubs, would follow July 1. But it seems more likely that the Bundesrat will use its right to convene a “mediation committee” within three weeks to resolve disagreements with the Bundestag.

Many state governments, even with the participation of the three parties from the federal government, have strong reservations about the law. That could push back implementation into the summer but would not jeopardize it. The Bundestag can still overrule an objection to this type of law.

The decriminalization legislation is what is known as the “first pillar” in a two-step plan to legalize marijuana in the country. The “second pillar” is expected after the decriminalization bill passes, and would set up municipal five-year pilot programs for state-controlled cannabis to be sold in licensed shops.

While there is still work to be done to bring the law into effect, cannabis companies across the pond are excited for the pilot project.

“It opens up a really exciting possibility for us to enter Germany and the European market in terms of brick-and-mortar sales,” said Khan. High Tide has partnered with the Berlin-based cannabis company Sanity Group in preparation for legalization in Germany. 

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2024-02-23 16:00:00

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