Korean Netizens Criticize Somi’s Questionable “Marketing Strategy” After A Latest Announcement

“Is this legally allowed?”

Korean netizens are confused about Somi‘s “marketing strategy” after a recent announcement.

K-Pop soloist Somi | @somisomi0309/Instagram

Recently, Somi announced the creation of her new makeup brand GLYF.

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One of the criticisms Somi received was after seeing the highlighter palette and the price of the item, which was deemed much too high for the simplicity of the design.

Recently, a photo of the palette was shared online, and netizens noticed that there was a special discount on the item, with it being reduced from ₩430,000 KRW (about $318 USD) to ₩34,400 KRW (about $25.40 USD).


Within the terms and conditions, there was also a clause that caused controversy as it revealed that any orders made during the pre-order period couldn’t be canceled for any reason.


Due to the nature of the pre-order, cancellation due to a simple change of mind or mistake in the order is not possible. If you wish to change the delivery information after the order is completed, please leave a 1:1 in the Channel Talk inquiry.

— beabubble

When the photos were posted on the Korean forum theqoo, the reduction in price didn’t seem to impact netizens. In fact, netizens seem to continue criticizing the idol’s business approach, especially the fact that once an order is placed during the pre-order period, it can’t be canceled. Some even went as far as questioning the legality of the decision.



| theqoo
  • I like Somi, but I wonder why she started a business. For me, personally, once celebrities start selling things, they lose their mystique.
  • The pearl is too big, so I’m not very interested, lol.
  • It looks appropriate for stage makeup… She stated she made the brand because she wanted to use them. I think they are a bit too much to use daily, though.
  • You can’t cancel your orders, and you can only purchase during the reservation period… I’m sure she’ll sell more later on, but I don’t like the fact that it is made to order….
  • What’s up with not being able to cancel your orders? Their marketing strategy is weird.
  • Regardless of a pre-sale, why aren’t we able to cancel orders if they haven’t shipped it out yet?
  • Are they making these once an order comes through? Why aren’t they allowing cancellations?
  • Can’t cancel? Is this legal? Is this legally allowed?

You can read more about how netizens reacted to the initial announcement of Somi’s makeup brand announcement below.

Somi’s Recent Announcement Receives Backlash From Korean Netizens

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